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Warwick RSL Memorial Club   |   Terms And Conditions

Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc.


Thank you for considering the Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. as the location for your special event. To ensure the smooth operation of your function, we ask you to please read the following terms and conditions. Should you have any questions in regards to this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


No outside food or beverages of any kind will be permitted onto the premises. All food and beverage (including any alcoholic beverages) must be provided by the Club. No food or beverage may be removed from the premises (with the exception of celebratory cakes e.g.: wedding & birthdays) as per the Liquor Act 1992, local Council Food Safety and Queensland Health Regulations. The Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. reserves the right to cancel a function/event should the function/event be seen to prejudice the reputation of the Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc.


The Club will provide the function area in a good, clean condition, set to the agreed layout and staff the function accordingly. The Club will provide your function with the agreed catering of food and beverage (where applicable).

Contact Person for your Function

As you can appreciate, for large functions, there are many people who would like to have their input and make decisions on behalf of all attending. This includes weddings, black tie events and the like. When required the Club may request that you nominate a ‘contact person’ who will be the ONLY person who can represent yourself and/or the organisers on matters relating to Bar TAB’s, menu choices, decorations and the like. Questions from the Club will only be directed to this nominated person.

Conduct of the Event

Guests attending an event must conduct themselves in an orderly manner complying with all reasonable direction from Club staff. The Club reserves the right to remove any persons whose behaviour is deemed objectionable, improper or undesirable. If a guest attending the function/event becomes aware of a dangerous or broken item, they must report this immediately to a Club representative. Organisers agree that all minors attending their event/function will be kept under strict supervision. Any minor found consuming alcohol will be removed from the premises and the remainder of the function/event will be cancelled and not refunded. The Club does not permit the use of bubbles, confetti, table scatters, or the like. In you are unsure; please obtain prior approval for decorative or festive items from Management.

Venue Access

Persons attending a functions held by a private person or entity are not required to sign in at the Club for so long as they remain within the function area at all times. Guests entering other parts of the club will be required to sign in as per the entry requirements of the Club. 

Reservations, Bookings and Cancellations

Tentative bookings can be held for a period of up to fourteen (14) days, if after fourteen days the event is not confirmed, the Club may release the booking without notice. Confirmation requires the payment of a non- refundable deposit of $200.00 (deducted from the total invoice) or the total of the function if less than $200.00. If the function is cancelled within three (3) days of the function date, the Club may charge the client 100% of the food costs together with any specialised requests made by the Client that has already incurred a financial outlay by the Club.

Confirmation of Numbers

Preliminary numbers are required at the time of booking your function. Final numbers attending are to be provided 10 days prior to the event and the basic food and beverage charges will be calculated on the greater of the confirmed and actual attendance figures. No refund will apply should numbers decrease after confirmation. The Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. reserves the right to only cater for the confirmed number.


Payment in full must be made within 7 days of the invoice being provided unless other arrangements are confirmed with Management.

Liquor Act 1992

All functions are to be held in accordance with the Liquor Act 1992; the Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. reserves the right to refuse entry to any person. Our staff practise and are trained in the responsible service of alcohol. The Club reserves the rights under the Responsible Service of Alcohol to refuse alcohol to anyone who is unduly intoxicated or under the age of 18 years.


If the Club deems it necessary due to the nature of the function, it will provide security guards for the function and the full cost to the Club for the security guards will be added to the function invoice.

Damages & Personal Property

The organiser of the function/event will be held responsible and charged, if applicable, for any damages caused to the Club property during the course of the function/event, by attendees, delegates, representatives and guests. Any property of the client or any other person brought into the Club shall be at the owners risk and the Club shall not be held liable for any loss or damage however this is caused. This includes any and all items left inside the Club after the function/event.


As per Queensland Smoking Regulations, under no circumstances is any guest permitted to smoke inside the Club premises. Club staff will happily advise you of the designated smoking areas for the Club.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Should the Club be unable to comply with any of the provisions in this contract by virtue of cessation or interruption of electricity or gas supplies, plant equipment failure, industrial disputes or any unforeseen contingency or accident, the Club reserves the right to cancel any booking or refund any deposit without notice.

Directions from the Club

You agree to comply with any reasonable direction given to you by the senior employee of the Club or his or her delegate then on duty.


All entertainment must be approved prior to the booking to ensure it will not conflict with our current entertainment and members. Under no circumstances are guests to provide entertainment without firstly obtaining approval from the Club. Noise restrictions also apply for all entertainment.


The Client attends the function/event at his/her own risk and agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Club against all costs, charges and expenses which may be incurred due to any person suffering injury while at a function/event or due to any loss or damage of the property related directly or indirectly to the function/event.

No Responsibility

The Club will not take any responsibility for any items left on the premises (decorations, pictures, memorabilia, training equipment etc.) before, during or after the event.

Minimum Numbers

A minimum of 70 guests applies to Kings Theatre. This minimum is charged for the function when less than 70 attend, more than 70 guests attracts a charge per head.

Goods & Services

Organised by the Client Delivery of hired equipment supplied by the client to the Club must be advised to the Club prior to the delivery and must be delivered to the designated area. The Club will accept no responsibility for the storage, security, set up, transportation, loss or damage to this equipment.

You agree that the ‘Terms and Conditions’ in this agreement constitute all the terms agreed upon for the hiring of the Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club for your function. Any departure from these ‘Terms and Conditions’ will only be binding if the Warwick RSL Services & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. has accepted these conditions in writing prior to the function/event. If Management have discussed any different ‘Terms and Conditions’ with you, please draw them to our attention prior to signing this agreement. Any special or varied conditions should be set out on the attached function/event Requirements Form. Please sign this agreement as an acknowledgement of your acceptance of the above ‘Terms and Conditions’.

The Management of the Warwick RLS Servicers & Citizens Memorial Club Inc. look forward to providing you with the very best care and service to ensure the success of your function/event.